Frank* was created as a means to connect, to collaborate and to co-create. We’re about understanding and exploiting the potential of open innovation to enable and empower citizens and communities to solve challenges that we all face.

We aim to educate, inspire and incite positive action by showcasing and sharing great examples of social innovation. No matter how big or small the improvement – there are opportunities for everyone to play a role in making life better for everyone – Frank is a means of bringing people together to do just that.

*Innovation | Man Made

“One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others.” Lewis Carroll, Alice Through The Looking Glass

Who we are


Jaclyn Knight | Founder & Director

I am a self-professed perpetually-curious pest – a seeker and explorer – that person who always wants to understand ‘why’ and to find a better way of ‘how’. I have a keen interest in social innovation and have worked in the guise of many different professional roles but the common thread has always been positive outcomes for people – particularly in bringing diverse groups together to create something different, something better or something new. I don’t believe in innovation behind closed doors, instead I believe we should invite everyone to help discover, design and develop solutions to real and pressing issues that affect us. My goal is to deliver positive, tangible and sustainable outcomes that everyone can benefit from – innovation created for people and communities, by people and communities: Innovation, Man Made.

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Simone Jaeger | Account Manager

My work spans account, project and stakeholder management across a range of sectors including commercial innovation, public sector programs and arts/media production. I love turning ideas into action – blending a can-do approach and keen eye for detail, with a collaborative spirit and sensitivity for what each part of the system needs. My specialties include finding solutions and making things happen – more specifically; project planning, ethnography and evaluation, event production and management, stakeholder and community engagement. I love a challenge – no-one said that open innovation was easy – and making genuine and positive connections.


Kate Peardon | Coach & Facilitator

My talent lies in bringing people together to achieve extraordinary results. I love challenging the status quo and thinking differently. This enables me to always seek a better way through inspiring and growing people to be the most amazing version of themselves. I am currently completing an Executive Masters in Positive Leadership and Strategy at IE University, Madrid, Spain. My goal is to help organisations leverage strengths rather than addressing constraints to achieve extraordinary results.

Our Partners

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