Let's Be Frank*

So the obvious question is, ‘Who is Frank?’ But Frank* isn’t a person, not here at least. Frank is simply an approach – our approach – to addressing challenges, solving problems and creating solutions.

Innovation comes in many different guises – continuous improvement, transformation, change management, research and development, strategy and design thinking, just to name a few. Innovation is often misunderstood and more often misconceived as some dark art accessible only to privileged few. And not all innovation is effective and it doesn’t always positively contributing to the world we inhabit.

Let’s be Frank, we believe innovation should be about new and better ways, about finding the right people to devise and develop the best solutions, and about creating new and exciting opportunities that will benefit us all. We don’t believe in innovation behind closed doors – we want to open up the possibilities and we invite everyone to participate.

So Frank is a means to connect, to collaborate and to co-create. We’re about understanding and exploiting the potential of open innovation to enable and empower citizens and communities to begin to address global challenges.

We aim to educate, inspire and incite positive action by showcasing and sharing great examples of social innovation. No matter how big or small the improvement – there are opportunities for everyone to play a role in making life better for everyone – Frank is a means of bringing people together to do just that.

*Innovation | Man Made

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